Editing Scenes!

To be honest, I thought I would get a lot more done today, but I’m still happy with what I’ve accomplished. I edited 5 scenes today (out of my 45). A few were complete rewrites from my original, others were revisions. I’m taking my time. 

My original goal for the first draft to be finished is Friday the 11th. I don’t think I will make that deadline with the revisions I’m doing. I still might be able to send them out to my betas by that day, though. I’m hopeful. I think the earlier I can get feedback, the better, but I’m also not ready to share it if I’m not 100% positive it’s ready.

I’m also contemplating taking this project in another direction. Already talking to the teacher in charge of senior projects… if I get that cleared off I can talk to my facilitator again and post it on here. (: I’m unsure of where all this is going at this point, to be honest. Just trying to get the writing part done, though.

Another thing I have to start deciding on is the title! I’m the worst with titles, unfortunately. Hopefully I’ll come up with a title that is awesome though (and more interesting than like… The Siege or like, Leningrad

I’m off to bed for now. Hooray for somewhat-regular-sleeping-schedules. (:

Today’s time log:
10-11 — Writing
2-3 — Writing
9-11 — Writing

Total — 5 Hrs




I had plot problems, and now I’m attempting to solve them. I feel that the overall story has no flow. So… I started my rewrite by loosely following the snowflake method. Character development, done. (completely, including the beginning to end transformations!) Outline of story, done. Spreadsheet of all the scenes I need… done!

Well, that only took forever. I feel a lot better now, though. (Which makes me wonder… why are people scared of spreadsheets? They’re the BEST.)

The big, gigantic, scary task for tomorrow? Check of which scenes I already have, and start writing the ones I don’t. The good news is, I already have a lot of it. The bad news is, a lot of it still needs to be revised to fit the newest “version” of the story. My goal is to have all of this done by Friday… which is super scary. 

I still can’t get over the fact that I should’ve done this IN THE BEGINNING. I didn’t know!! Oh well, you learn something everyday.

I’m off to bed. It was a productive evening!

Today’s Time Log:
9:30-11:00 PM — “Post” Planning (-.-) 
Total: 1.5 Hrs


Plot Arcs!

Today, I’m a little less disappointed with my novel, because I’m getting some more progress! I’m starting, I guess, what you’d call a revision, but also editing. I’m giving myself a few days to do that before officially sending it to my facilitator and my betas. 

I spent about two hours today working on solidifying my plot arc. Tomorrow, I will be expanding upon my original outline and then making a spreadsheets of the scenes I have and the scenes I still need. Honestly, this really needed to be done wayyyy before I even started the first draft, but that didn’t happen. I should’ve known better, but until yesterday, when I figured out I had kind of a plot problem with my novel, I didn’t think to do this. Yes, I read a lot of articles on plot and dilemmas and plot arcs — I’m glad I did, but I wish I had known about this a lot earlier.

Anywho, that’s all done for today, so I can go to sleep happy and looking forward to the next few days when I start finishing up.

Today’s time log:
9 – 11 PM — working out plot holes, summarizing, solidifying stuff!
Total: 2 Hrs.


The End?

Two major updates today:

– I’m at 27,885 words… and I think I might be done. This is crazy, because I thought the book would be much, much longer. It still might be. But I’m staring at the last word of the novel now, and starting to write the epilogue.
– Since I “finished” early — I’ll be looking over the beginning and starting to fill in the plot holes and connecting scenes starting tomorrow. I think the reason I was unable to write the last few days (asides from the computer issues) is due to the fact that I really didn’t have anywhere to go but to bring the novel to an end. I ended where I wanted it to, but it the novel fell really short of my word count goal, even if everything is brought to a neat end.

I really don’t know how I feel about a novella, or how it turned out. I need to sleep on that. :/ Seriously not feeling that great at this moment, because… yeah. I think the story itself has the potential to go to 50k words, or a full length novel, so that means I’m either not putting enough into it or the plot needs major tweaking. This really bothers me at this moment, and if the plot tweaking is what I need to be working on, I need more time. This is making me want to hit my head against a wall. 

Otherwise, I wrote about 2k words today for 2 hours (though some of that time is just spent thinking and brainstorming). 

Today’s time log:
9-11 PM — Writing
Total: 2 Hrs.


First Productive Day in Forever!

It felt like forever since I made any progress on this project. I’ve been writing in tiny bits, and having a crap ton of computer troubles (blue screen, mainly). In the end, my dad reinstalled windows on my computer (which took a whole day), and now I’m here, having written about 2k words today. Nowhere near my goal (my goal from last week turned out to be kind of impossible), but I’m happy with what I accomplished today anyways. 

I’m at about 26k at this moment. I’m drawing near the end — somehow there isn’t much in 1943. I will probably end up adding more to it after I wrap up the book, as I don’t want the ending to be rushed.

Anyways, here is my time log for today:
11-12:30 — Writing
9:00 – 9:35 — Writing

Total — 2hrs.

Editing is Hardddddd :(

I only managed to edit the prologue and the first half of the first chapter today. It was a lot more work than I thought it’d be, but the prologue and the first half of the first chapter is definitely publish-ready now? haha. Maybe not that good, but I like it a lot more.

I also wrote 2,074 words today while editing, which brings my total up to 20,718. I’m getting there, slowly, but surely! 😀

Something that had been really annoying with both Google and Scrivener is the spell check. They kept telling me that “Conservatoire” and “Shostakovich” is spelled wrong (The wanted ‘Conservatory” and “Shostakovitch” – But Conservatoire is definitely a word, and there’s only one t in Shostakovich). Editing was also a bit harder than I expected it to be, and I found myself not only correcting my tense issues (I never catch my tense shifts the first time, unfortunately), but also shifting paragraphs and scenes around.

I’ve decided to group my novel into parts. Each part would be a different season.

I let my two little sisters read the parts I’ve edited, and I’ve gotten pretty positive comments so far. I’ve also come up with a list of questions for my beta readers.

Since I have one more day until I was supposed to be done with all of 1941 (I’ve actually made my way into 1942), I will be spending tomorrow editing, as well. I think there are a lot of “holes” in between scenes, and I really would like to patch them up before I start moving on. Otherwise, the novel is shaping up nicely (better than I thought, actually!).

New plans for the next few days. I want to sprint-write for three days, and then edit the fourth. I have twelve more days until July 11th, which is my “deadline” for my first draft. That will give me three cycles of the sprinting and editing. I’m also raising my daily word count goal to 3k. If I’m editing, the word count goal is 2k (but I’ll be a little bit more flexible with the editing word count, now that I know how hard it actually is). That will bring my final word count to 53k, which is a full length novel of about 200 pages. I decided to up my goals because I’ve proven to myself during the last few days that it is very, very possible. I decided to stick editing in there because I realized that there is no way the book will make any sense if I just kept going and didn’t look back.

I’m off for the night (for the first time in forever, it’s not after midnight…). I’m definitely crossing my fingers for a super productive day and week!!

Today’s Time Log:
Editing: ALL DAY, pretty much. But mainly from about 4:00PM – 6:30 PM and from 10:40 PM – 11:15 PM, on and off.
Total Time: 3 Hrs.