Where to go from here…

I’m officially done with my senior project, now that Sounds of War is published and my book is available for purchase!

I have learned a LOT through this project… and I had a lot of fun as well. I remember feeling overwhelmed about deadlines and scared that I wasn’t going to be able to finish. Now, I am able to put my fears to rest because it’s finally, finally done. I’m relieved, but at the same time, it’s weird to not have my characters, Anna and Isaak, constantly occupy every single bit of my mind. 

What exactly I’ve learned through this project? With the help of my project facilitator, I’ve managed to fix some of my tense shifts issue. It’s not 100%, and I still do it, but it’s not as bad as it was before! I’ve improved on my descriptive skills. I learned that conflict and characterization is central to writing a good book, and I have improved on that as well. 

A big problem I encountered with this project was that I didn’t outline the first time through. Now, I live by the motto of “outlining will save you!!!!” and if I write novels in the future, I will definitely spend a good week or two developing a solid outline and spreadsheet. Because I didn’t outline, I had to do a full rewrite a second time through (not fun… I must admit). 

As for where to go from here… I don’t know. The project definitely opened doors for me, though, and I know my options are endless. (: With the skills I’ve acquired, I could easily write another novel (with perhaps less crazy of a deadline, too). 

Well, it’s been a crazy two months, but I can now call this project FINISHED!