Wrapping Up (some more!)

20140724_103439So, I haven’t been updating as much because my 15 hours are already completed, and because it’s uninteresting to keep making posts like “well today, I wrote.”

I’ve been really busy rewriting and restructuring the novel, and I know it’s pressing it close to the deadline, but I’m finally wrapping up. Lately I’ve taken a liking to traditional pencil-and-paper writing. The only downside is that I still have to transfer it to Scrivener.

Sounds of War CoverYesterday, I also started working on a book cover. This is a rough version of it… Before you ask who the girl is, I got the stock image from DeviantArt, and the artist states that it’s okay to use the picture for book covers. The artist for both stock images will be credited inside the book. I used Photoshop in blending the images. I experimented with creating the cover in Word at first, but it didn’t quite achieve the sleek look I wanted (big surprise there, yes?)

But I’m super excited for this!!

I’ve sent off Part 1 to a few of my beta readers, and I’m putting together Part 2. My project facilitator had been absolutely amazing with helping me make the novel flow together better. (:

With just one more week to go, I’m reading to wrap Parts 3 and 4 up tonight and send it off to my facilitator. This project was so much fun to do and I’ve enjoyed every moment of this… but I’m also super excited to see the end of this fantastic journey.


Total Hours Today:
Book Cover Creation: 10-11PM last night and 3-4 Today. 2 Hrs
Writing: 5-6 PM 1Hr
Total: 3 Hrs


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