My Workspace!

Today I’m posting a desk tour. It was just fun to make. Plus, I was supposed to take pictures of me working… but since I’m just sitting in front of the computer, there really isn’t many ‘interesting’ pictures you can take of that. (as usual, click to enlarge!) 

desk tourThis is my “natural habitat” ;).. though it is usually much darker since I work at night. 

Today was a really productive day as well, and I completed the rewrite for the first part of my novel! It’s going to probably end up in four parts: Summer 1941, Autumn 1941, Winter 1941/1942, and Spring-Summer 1942. Proud to say that I finished Summer 1941 today and started on Autumn. 

My facilitator got back to me today with corrections and comments. I’m so thankful to have such an amazing mentor! She gave me lots of constructive comments, and noticed things that I didn’t even notice (for example, she pointed out there was an extra space in one of my sentences… lol. How she saw that, I have no idea!). Some of my mistakes were embarrassing though. Tense shifts.. really Cindy, really? And then there’s the him/her mistake (well, there was only one, I think!). This is definitely not an excuse for these silly mistakes, but my first language was Chinese and we did not have tenses, and we did not differentiate pronouns between genders. Psh… English. Whatever. (:

Tomorrow, I will continue to rewrite. I will admit that not having the novel planned on day one is a MAJOR setback, but I think setbacks are to be expected. I can still finish on time!

Today’s Time Log:
8:30-11:30 — Writing
Total: 3 Hrs



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