More Editing & Deadlines!

Today is the day when I’m supposed to have finished my first draft.

I finished that days ago, but I’m currently working on a rewrite/edit/revision. (A combo of the three!)

I also showed my project facilitator and a friend the first four chapters of the novel (plus the Prologue!) Got really kind words from my friend, and I’m excited (though a bit nervous!) to hear the comments my facilitator is going to give me tomorrow!

I wrote/edited about 4,000 words today. Using the spreadsheet I’ve created, I’ve been more organized. Unfortunately, a lot of the scenes were unwritten and needed to be filled in. Other scenes needed heavy revision. Once again… I wish I had planned for this earlier!

Anyways, I’m pleased with the progress for today, and I’m going to head to bed now. (:

Today’s Time:
9:00-12:00 — Editing/Writing 
Total: 3 Hrs



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