Where to go from here…

I’m officially done with my senior project, now that Sounds of War is published and my book is available for purchase!

I have learned a LOT through this project… and I had a lot of fun as well. I remember feeling overwhelmed about deadlines and scared that I wasn’t going to be able to finish. Now, I am able to put my fears to rest because it’s finally, finally done. I’m relieved, but at the same time, it’s weird to not have my characters, Anna and Isaak, constantly occupy every single bit of my mind. 

What exactly I’ve learned through this project? With the help of my project facilitator, I’ve managed to fix some of my tense shifts issue. It’s not 100%, and I still do it, but it’s not as bad as it was before! I’ve improved on my descriptive skills. I learned that conflict and characterization is central to writing a good book, and I have improved on that as well. 

A big problem I encountered with this project was that I didn’t outline the first time through. Now, I live by the motto of “outlining will save you!!!!” and if I write novels in the future, I will definitely spend a good week or two developing a solid outline and spreadsheet. Because I didn’t outline, I had to do a full rewrite a second time through (not fun… I must admit). 

As for where to go from here… I don’t know. The project definitely opened doors for me, though, and I know my options are endless. (: With the skills I’ve acquired, I could easily write another novel (with perhaps less crazy of a deadline, too). 

Well, it’s been a crazy two months, but I can now call this project FINISHED! 





Last night at around 4:30, I finished the first rewrite of my novel. (: 

I’m totally aware this is like 5 days before the due date, but I’m so excited because it is now DONE. I’m sending parts 3 and 4 to my facilitator later today (turns out there was a part three and four… for a while I wanted to have only part three!), and minor edits of part 2 today as well. Tomorrow will probably be editing parts three and four, and on Friday, I’m sending my manuscript in for a proof copy (my completed ‘product’). 

Still a lot of work to do, but wrapping up! yay!!

Time Log:
10PM-4:30 AM –Writing

Total Hours: 5 Hrs 30 Mins. 


Wrapping Up (some more!)

20140724_103439So, I haven’t been updating as much because my 15 hours are already completed, and because it’s uninteresting to keep making posts like “well today, I wrote.”

I’ve been really busy rewriting and restructuring the novel, and I know it’s pressing it close to the deadline, but I’m finally wrapping up. Lately I’ve taken a liking to traditional pencil-and-paper writing. The only downside is that I still have to transfer it to Scrivener.

Sounds of War CoverYesterday, I also started working on a book cover. This is a rough version of it… Before you ask who the girl is, I got the stock image from DeviantArt, and the artist states that it’s okay to use the picture for book covers. The artist for both stock images will be credited inside the book. I used Photoshop in blending the images. I experimented with creating the cover in Word at first, but it didn’t quite achieve the sleek look I wanted (big surprise there, yes?)

But I’m super excited for this!!

I’ve sent off Part 1 to a few of my beta readers, and I’m putting together Part 2. My project facilitator had been absolutely amazing with helping me make the novel flow together better. (:

With just one more week to go, I’m reading to wrap Parts 3 and 4 up tonight and send it off to my facilitator. This project was so much fun to do and I’ve enjoyed every moment of this… but I’m also super excited to see the end of this fantastic journey.


Total Hours Today:
Book Cover Creation: 10-11PM last night and 3-4 Today. 2 Hrs
Writing: 5-6 PM 1Hr
Total: 3 Hrs


I haven’t logged hours in what seems like days, lol. But.. I’m already over my required 15, so I’m not sure if it mattered anymore!

Wrote for about 2 hours last night; 9-11 or 10-12 seem to be a really good time to write. I chugged coffee cause I was soooo tired, but otherwise it was a good session.

Also started reading City of Thieves because my facilitator recommended it. Same time period, and the MC of that book is the same age as my protagonist. 

Time Log:
9-12 (last night, but it hasn’t been 24 hours yet!) — Writing
Total: 2 Hrs.


My Workspace!

Today I’m posting a desk tour. It was just fun to make. Plus, I was supposed to take pictures of me working… but since I’m just sitting in front of the computer, there really isn’t many ‘interesting’ pictures you can take of that. (as usual, click to enlarge!) 

desk tourThis is my “natural habitat” ;).. though it is usually much darker since I work at night. 

Today was a really productive day as well, and I completed the rewrite for the first part of my novel! It’s going to probably end up in four parts: Summer 1941, Autumn 1941, Winter 1941/1942, and Spring-Summer 1942. Proud to say that I finished Summer 1941 today and started on Autumn. 

My facilitator got back to me today with corrections and comments. I’m so thankful to have such an amazing mentor! She gave me lots of constructive comments, and noticed things that I didn’t even notice (for example, she pointed out there was an extra space in one of my sentences… lol. How she saw that, I have no idea!). Some of my mistakes were embarrassing though. Tense shifts.. really Cindy, really? And then there’s the him/her mistake (well, there was only one, I think!). This is definitely not an excuse for these silly mistakes, but my first language was Chinese and we did not have tenses, and we did not differentiate pronouns between genders. Psh… English. Whatever. (:

Tomorrow, I will continue to rewrite. I will admit that not having the novel planned on day one is a MAJOR setback, but I think setbacks are to be expected. I can still finish on time!

Today’s Time Log:
8:30-11:30 — Writing
Total: 3 Hrs


More Editing & Deadlines!

Today is the day when I’m supposed to have finished my first draft.

I finished that days ago, but I’m currently working on a rewrite/edit/revision. (A combo of the three!)

I also showed my project facilitator and a friend the first four chapters of the novel (plus the Prologue!) Got really kind words from my friend, and I’m excited (though a bit nervous!) to hear the comments my facilitator is going to give me tomorrow!

I wrote/edited about 4,000 words today. Using the spreadsheet I’ve created, I’ve been more organized. Unfortunately, a lot of the scenes were unwritten and needed to be filled in. Other scenes needed heavy revision. Once again… I wish I had planned for this earlier!

Anyways, I’m pleased with the progress for today, and I’m going to head to bed now. (:

Today’s Time:
9:00-12:00 — Editing/Writing 
Total: 3 Hrs